Umbra Advances to Phase II of the DARPA DRIFT Program

WASHINGTON, May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Umbra, a vertically integrated space technology company, has been selected by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to progress to Phase II of the Distributed Radar Image Formation Technology (DRIFT) program. This significant milestone underscores Umbra’s pivotal role in advancing cutting-edge capabilities for DARPA’s mission to create breakthrough … Read more

NASA Space Tech Spinoffs Benefit Earth Medicine, Moon to Mars Tools – NASA

As NASA innovates for the benefit of all, what the agency develops for exploration has the potential to evolve into other technologies with broader use here on Earth. Many of those examples are highlighted in NASA’s annual Spinoff book including dozens of NASA-enabled medical innovations, as well other advancements. This year’s publication, NASA’s 2024 Spinoff, … Read more

Space Technology Conferences (STC) in Turkiye – SpaceNews

Event submissions are reviewed before posting, so they will not show until approved. The calendar is not maintained on a daily basis and some events may have changed or are no longer happening. Please double-check the event websites for the most up-to-date information. The third edition of STC – Central Eurasia will bring national space … Read more

U.S. government plans review of space technology export controls – SpaceNews

COLORADO SPRINGS — The State and Commerce Departments will start a process this summer to update space systems on export control lists, potentially lessening the restrictions on some technologies. Speaking at the 39th Space Symposium April 9, Chirag Parikh, executive secretary of the National Space Council, said the upcoming review was needed to reflect rapid … Read more

Webinar – Space Loves AI: How AI promises to transform space operations – SpaceNews

For satellite operators, AI’s potential benefits are impossible to ignore. As Earth observation and communications constellations expand, AI tools promise to streamline operations, reduce on-orbit collisions and speed up analysis of remote sensing data. We’ll discuss the opportunities and challenges for space-based AI with experts from the Aerospace Corporation, Stanford University’s Center for AEroSpace Autonomy … Read more

NASA’s Space Tech Prize Bolsters Diversity, Inclusivity Champions  – NASA

NASA selected the first winners of the agency’s Space Tech Catalyst prize to expand engagement with underrepresented and diverse individuals in the space technology sector as part of the agency’s broader commitment to inclusivity and collaboration. The winners are receiving $25,000 each to create more inclusive space technology ecosystems. “As NASA continues to explore the … Read more

NASA Seeks Feedback on Space Technology Needs; Kurt Vogel Quoted

NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate is soliciting feedback from the U.S. aerospace community on nearly 190 space technology shortfalls or needs for future space exploration and science missions as it works to refine its strategy for prioritizing tech development investments. “STMD is developing many critical technologies, but shifting to a more open and collaborative approach … Read more

Tech Today: Stay Safe with Battery Testing for Space – NASA

Battery safety is of paramount importance in space, where the risk of thermal runaway looms large. This dangerous reaction, characterized by a continuous escalation of temperatures within the battery, can potentially lead to a fire or explosion. For two decades, Judy Jeevarajan was the NASA engineer in charge of testing. Thanks to that experience, batteries … Read more

Space Technology Mission Directorate – NASA

Technology drives exploration and the space economy. NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) aims to transform future missions while ensuring American leadership in aerospace. STMD develops, demonstrates, and transfers new space technologies that benefit NASA, commercial, and other government missions. STMD is refining its strategy for prioritizing technology investments, with the goal of evolving into … Read more